Trainings to work on vehicles with high-voltage systems!
According to DGUV Information 209-093

Specifications of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV)

The DGUV publishes the official insurance policies for companies.

All companies must follow these guidelines - if they do not, companies are not insured and individuals are accountable for damages.

If a company is dealing with high-voltage vehicles, the people involved must therefore be adequately trained.

Who needs to be trained and to what level depends on the individual context of the person and is defined in DGUV Information 209-093.

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Structure of the Trainings

In DGUV Information 209-093 there are 2 training paths:

All training courses for research, development and manufacturing are marked with an "E".

Training courses according to educational path "E" are intended to enable independent work on new or unknown high-voltage systems.

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Individuals who work only with series vehicles are able to take training courses with an "S".

These high-voltage training courses are shorter compared to "E" and meant to be complemented by specific product trainings provided by the manufacturers.

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